Codeunit 1 Merge Conflict Issue

If you have ever merged Codeunit 1 you will have noticed that you always get a merge conflict in the functions ApplicationVersion and ApplicationBuild at least if you have added your own versioning which most vertical solutions would have done.

Standard the 2 functions look like this depending on what Cumulative Update you are on

And typically I would add my own function call (Hook) inside the EXIT to call and add my version or build number.

The result of this is of course that in the next merge I have changed this line and so has Microsoft giving me a conflict, which I will get every single time I try to implement a Cumulative Update. Very annoying to say the least and with no good work around.

So what would the solution be?

Well if Microsoft would add a standard hook here to an empty function returning nothing we as partners would be able to add our hooks in this function and avoid the conflict.

Now that resolves the major part of the problem as long as we as partners also remember to add our code nicely here, so we don’t start getting conflicts when using each other’s add-ons.

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