Fixed text format

If you are working with NAV and Source Code Management you will know how easy it is to get a text file exported in the wrong format. The formatting of dates and numbers is done differently from country to country and even inside some countries causing issues with your source code management if everybody in your team don’t make sure to export with the agreed regional settings.

What makes it even worse is if this code finds its way into your source code as you will most likely not be able to do your build from it. Because the dates and numbers now are formatted wrongly your import of the text files fails or even worse imports them incorrectly.

In any case that is not what you would want to see happen and as an avid Source Code Management advocate it bugs me.

The solution would be that we had a fixed format in the export/import that would be independent of your regional settings. What if text export always, without exception, exported in one format and imported in the same format. Would that cause problems? I don’t think many would have issues with that.

In other words a good suggestion to improve Source code management adoption would be to create exactly this.

Just saying 🙂

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