Dynamics NAV SCM in Visual Studio Code

Ever since last year I have wanted to do something inside Visual Studio Code for Source Code Management of Standard Dynamics NAV development.

Why? (You might ask.)

Well Microsoft has introduced Visual Studio Code as the next generation editor at several conferences in 2016. Creating tools in Visual Studio Code that can help manage your Source Code for the existing version might help migrate developers to Visual Studio Code and get use to it before the next version is released.

That said I have also been looking at how to make the entry in to Source Code Management as easy as possible. Many developers are still not using any kind of SCM, something I really have wanted to change for several years, and I think the main reason is the knowledge and time to get started and get setup is just too high. Developers simply give up before they get started.

So what to do about it?

In the last months I got talking to a few developers at Elbek & Vejrup in Denmark that were looking to explore SCM and get their teams up to speed. We discussed the options and we agreed on VS Code as the way forward.

This project has been underway for a while now and we are almost ready to release version 1.

If you are interested in reading about it, contributing or following please feel free to follow the project hosted by my friends at Cloud Ready Software on GitHub


You can also install and play with what is already there by installing the following extension for Visual Studio Code.


When done we hope you just need to install VS Code and the extension and with minimal knowledge of Source Code Management you are up and running with your Code in place in a Git Repository.

We look forward to every ones contributions.

Happy Code. Safe Code.



2 thoughts on “Dynamics NAV SCM in Visual Studio Code

  1. aafarrugia

    Hi Soren,

    Does this solution log changes automatically (including details of what code was changed, what fields or indexes were added or deleted, etc.)?

    Or does it depend on developers manually logging changes in SCM?

    I know that we can add SQL triggers to automatically log the fact that some change was made, and who made it and when. But that does not tell us what code was changed, or what field was added / modified / deleted.


    1. Soren Klemmensen Post author

      Hi Alastair,
      All the changes are automatically logged in your git repository. You are required to use a git repository on VSTS for this setup to work but you can use GitHub or other repositories and this will still work, but you will need to change the Build definitions accordingly. Git and Source Code Management is something you need to know before you can do this.


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