Developer Preview – February 2019 – Full AL – Love it.

Some great news. The new Developer Preview is fresh out and this time there is BIG news.

The biggest announcement this month is that we are publishing a preview of the base application fully on AL language.

Yes it is finally here. I know I will be setting this up tomorrow and testing all builds and test scripts are running like a charm so we can move our development over to this version right away.

Amazing work Microsoft and looking forward to get this one rolled out to our teams.

If you want to read more take a look here:

What else is new:

Rapid Application Development RAD. A way to quickly publish and test during development.

New schema update mode – ForceSync

Debug without publiching

Debugger info for http, json with more

Code Actions – this looks pretty amazing and something I need to test right away. If what I read is accurate this will help a lot in our code converting projects.

TableRelation Extensibility… Oh yes something we have needed often

Views and Defining views in AL. Looking at this for the first time it does seem not to be the kind of views I was hoping for, but still an interesting concept.

There is a number of other minor things, but all in all we are moving quickly and fast towards the future.

See you back to the future we go.

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