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How Do I in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Many of you have hopefully been watching all the “How Do I” Videos created by Microsoft & Plattan with contributions from many individuals. However I find it hard at times to find the video I am looking for so I created this overview that hopefully will help you use the videos even more efficiently.

Azure & O365
Enable Single Sign-on with Office 365 Vlad Precup
Backup and Restore in a Multi-tenant Environment Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Migrate from Multiple Companies to a Multi-tenant Architecture Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Migrate a single-tenant NAV 2013 database to NAV 2013 R2 with a multi-tenancy architecture Gerard Conroy
Secure Access to the Web Client Using SSL Vjekoslav Babic
Configure and Use the Background Posting Feature Mark Brummel
Create a Web Service that is based on Account Schedule KPIs Katrin Kinau
Export Payment Data to an Electronic Bank File Koen Stox
Import and Reconcile a Bank Statement Katrin Kinau
Instruct my Bank to Execute Payments Based on Due Date Koen Stox
Manage Companies Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Manage Incoming Documents Katrin Kinau
Migrate Data using RapidStart Services Koen Stox
SEPA One-off Direct Debit Collections Koen Stox
SEPA Recurring Direct Debit Collections Koen Stox
Setup the Job Queue Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Work with the Payment Registration for incoming Payments Katrin Kinau
Design Patterns
Implement the Number Series Pattern Mark Brummel
Read and Understand the Posting Routines Mark Brummel
Use Temporary Datasets Mark Brummel
Use the Select Pattern in a Posting Routine Mark Brummel
Use the Silent File Upload and Download Pattern Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Use the Transfer Custom Fields Pattern Mark Brummel
Extensibility Controls
Create a Bing Maps Extensibility Control Vjekoslav Babic
Create a simple Hallo World Extensibility Control Vjekoslav Babic
Work with a Data Aware Extensibility Control Vjekoslav Babic
Use the Resource File to enhance an Extensibility Control Vjekoslav Babic
Analyze and Decide the Best Grouping Structure Steven Renders
Create a Matrix Page Vjekoslav Babic
Create PowerShell Scripts Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Embed Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Pages in a SharePoint Portal Christian Heide Damm
Emphasize data by using colors and icons Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Expose Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Lists through Business Connectivity Services Vjekoslav Babic
Import a variable Column Number text file using an XMLport Vjekoslav Babic
Get Started with PowerShell Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Manage Objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Dev. Environment from Command Prompt Vjekoslav Babic
Manage Users in PowerShell Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Run an Automated Data Upgrade Dmitry Chadayev
Set Up and Monitor Database Synchronization Vjekoslav Babic
Setup Web Client, Windows Client, NAV and Web Services Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Use OData Web Services to Modify Data Vjekoslav Babic
Use the debugger Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Align Controls in a Report Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Create an advanced Group Claus Lundstrøm
Create and Utilize Template Reports Claus Lundstrøm
Create Transfooter and Trans Header Claus Lundstrøm
Do Page X of Y Steven Renders
Ensure My Report Fits Page Size Suvidha Shashikumar
Group data Steven Renders
SetData and GetData Steven Renders
Use HTML on RDLC Reports Eric Waulters (Waldo)
Use the Document Outline Tool Peter Borring Sørensen
Utilize the new Controls (Part 1) Steven Renders
Utilize the New Controls (Part 2) Steven Renders
View My Report Dataset Suvidha Shashikumar
Monitor a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Server Instance Using Event Tracing Vjekoslav Babic

Welcome to my new Blog

Dear all,

For some time now I have had my blog hosted on Mibuso, but I thought it was time to I got my own space and what better place than Office 365. Of course I could have gone the Azure way, but I needed to have my own Office 365 space anyway, so why not try it out.

I have been working with and on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (as it is known today), since the charater based days of NAVIGATOR and NAVISION and seen the evolulation of Navision Financils (the first Windows based version) to what we have today. It has truely been a fun time and I enjoy working with the product every day.

Hopeful you will enjoy this blog and find some interesting information you can use.